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Mobile fleet management with Android Enterprise and Appaloosa.

Appaloosa and Android Enterprise work together to provide IT admins and employees an intuitive, Zero-Touch android device management experience to secure personal devices, corporate devices and rugged devices.
Android Entreprise Mobile Device Management

Designed for any device use case

As a certified Android Enterprise EMM partner, Appaloosa provides comprehensive and consistent device management, with features for BYOD, personal enablement or dedicated managed device deployments, allowing to cover every use case.

Manage corporate devices securely

Deploy work-only devices with strict policy enforcement including device settings, passcode, apps whitelisting, WiFi and more.

Prevent users from adding personal accounts to devices and maintain the device as only for work purposes.

Work profile for BYOD

Enable Android's OS-level container, called a work profile, to allow corporate apps and data to remain separate from personal apps and data.

Work and personal profiles will run side-by-side in the home screen, with work apps and notifications badged with a briefcase.

IT remains in full control of work apps and data.

Advanced configuration of rugged devices

With Appaloosa, IT admins can leverage OEMConfig device management to extend the capabilities beyond native features. Appaloosa supports Samsung, Zebra, Honeywell, Ascom and Bluebird.

Fast deployment, smart policies

A growing mobile fleet with Android MDM is easier to manage when there is no manual work. With Appaloosa, apply dynamic configuration templates easily and provision devices with Zero-Touch.

Zero-Touch Enrollment

Zero-touch enrollment allows IT to deploy corporate-owned devices in bulk without having to manually setup each device. Users open the new device box and start using right away with management, apps and configurations all set.

Fully managed or work profile policies

Define as many policies as your business use cases. Precisely set up wifi access, device configuration and application configuration.

Dynamic device groups

Never micromanage your fleet again with our dynamic groups for android device management.

With smart filters, create dynamic groups and sub-groups adapting automatically to the device type, OS and management.

Get employees ready on the spot

Simplify your employees' access to your business applications with our included Mobile Application Management and significantly reduce helpdesk requests.

Automated app installs

Publishing your business apps has never been easier with support for public or private mobile apps. Appaloosa allows to define mandatory apps based on user profiles and business unit. Mandatory apps are installed by default without user intervention.

Managed app configuration

Managed configurations allow your IT admin to remotely specify settings for installed apps. This capability is particularly useful for organization-approved apps deployed to a work profile.

Remote support

Provide fast support and helpdesk services to end-users with detailed device information and remote support including log capture, remote access & control.

Android Device Management made simple

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Custom Enrollment Metadata

Filter devices with your data

Our QR code device enrollment allows IT to attach metadata to devices during enrollment. This data is made available on Appaloosa to apply filter-based smart policies.

Managed Google Play

Your enterprise App Catalog

Whitelist your own selection of public apps. Add your own custom-made enterprise apps.

iOS management

Manage more than Android

We support BYOD and managed devices on iOS with support for Apple Business Manager and Automated Device Enrollment.

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