Work Profile for BYOD

With Android Enterprise & Appaloosa, the original promise of BYOD can be realized. Secure corporate data but also respect employees’ personal privacy with an OS-level container called the work profile. All data contained in the work profile is separated from any personal apps and data a user may have.

Secure Work Data

Separation between a user’s personal data and work data is enforced at the OS kernel level across processes, memory and storage. All applications from Appaloosa work out of the box with separate data storage and there’s no need for modification of applications.`

Keeping Personal Data Private

In the personal profile, the employee is in control. They can continue to use the apps that they choose. Personal apps along with system-wide apps, such as the keyboard and the launcher are controlled by the users, and may not be inspected by IT.

Work-Life Balance

Help employees disconnect when they’re away from work. Switching off work mode suspends the work profile, stopping all work apps from running, syncing in the background or presenting notifications.

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David Still — Google

Fully Managed for Corporate Devices

When it comes to company-owned devices, work-only devices remain critical for regulated and high security situations. In all cases, corporate data must remain protected.

Fully Managed Device Mode

From Android 6.0 and later, Android devices support a comprehensive OS-level managed device mode and allows every app on Appaloosa to be used out of the box.

QR Code Enrolment

Out of the box, the user scans a QR code that can be received by email. It allows an automated device setup: apps, configuration, policies.

Support for Rugged devices

Manage the whole rugged device lifecycle from enrollment & configuration to removal. Zebra and Bluebird support.

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Everything you need to deploy on Android

There’s more! Based on user feedback, we have included even more features to make app deployment even faster.


Secure Screen lock

Enforce a minimum lock complexity or set lock screen.



Ensure compliance with encryption policies.


Data separation

Enforce separation between a user’s personal and work data at the OS level (work profile)


App whitelisting

Use Appaloosa to curate the enterprise app store. Authorize which apps can be installed on a managed device. Upload your own apps or use existing public/web apps.


Device configuration

Once the device has enrolled, Appaloosa installs any app or device configuration instantly. Mandatory apps are automatically downloaded to the user’s device


Single Sign-On

Protect access with most SSO Solutions such as SAML, OAuth2 or providers such as Okta or OneLogin.

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