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Configure & customize iOS and iPadOS without ever having to touch the device.

Apple simplifies Enterprise IT with Automated Device Enrollment (DEP) which allows you to configure and customize Apple smartphones and tablets without any manual IT work.


Combined with Appaloosa, deploy your corporate apps and policies while keeping your devices in a clear inventory.

Apple DEP

Truly Zero Touch

Save on IT costs by automating manual work with Apple DEP.

Simplified device provisionning

With Zero-touch enrollment, allow IT to deploy corporate-owned devices in bulk without any manual setup. When users receive their new device apps and configurations are installed automatically.

Link with Apple DEP

Link your DEP account with Appaloosa and apply Mobile Device Management policies available to iPadOS and iOS.

Remote wipe or reconfigure

If the device needs to be re-configured, IT can wipe the device remotely or reassign it to another configuration or user.

Smart, dynamic policies

Create policies adapting to the user's context, the device or the management type.

Never micromanage your fleet again

With smart filters, create dynamic groups and sub-groups adapting automatically to the device type, OS version and management.

Apply policies by use-cases

Define and deploy your policies based on use-cases such as BYOD, corporate-owned or single-use.

Schedule your OS upgrades

Define your own maintenance window to apply remote OS upgrade when devices are idle.

Auto-deploy your mobile workplace

Deliver secure access to your corporate apps on any iOS or iPadOS with consumer-simple experience.

Configure productivity apps

Deploy Google Workplace or Microsoft 365 apps automatically, pre-configured for your user environment.

Deploy your own private apps

Publishing your business apps has never been easier with support for native, private apps. Appaloosa supports Custom Apps in sync with Apple Business Manager or in-house apps.

Your apps, always up to date

Apps & updates are deployed automatically and can be prioritised for instant updates.

iOS Mobile Device Management made simple

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Group Management

Deploy Selectively

Define user groups to target the right apps to the right users. Only user groups with access will be able to download your app.

Single Sign-On

Protect App Access

Connect Appaloosa with your own directory using SAML v2 or OAuth to simplify user provisionning.

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Android Enterprise

We support Android too

Extend your deployment to Android devices within the same Appaloosa Environment using our Android Enterprise capabilities.

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