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Shine at BYOD with Android Work Profile and Appaloosa.

Set up the work profile on Android personal devices to separate your employees' work apps and data from personal apps and data.


With a work profile, users can securely and privately use the same device for work and personal purposes — your organization manages your work apps and data while your personal apps, data, and usage remain private.

Android Entreprise Mobile Device Management

One device, Two different profiles

Employees can work on their personal phones without sharing anything personal. Between work and personal profiles, every app stays separate — emails, calendars, docs, photos. The two versions never share data. The IT team just uses Mobile Application Management and never touch anything personal.


Employees can use your company credentials and handle the process by themselves from start to finish.

Install apps automatically

Apps can be targeted by user groups and be defined as mandatory. Appaloosa supports public mobile apps as well as private and web mobile apps.

Update apps automatically

Apps are kept up-to-date at all times, silently, without user or admin intervention.

Protect work data and apps

Appaloosa creates a secure container for your work data and separate the private applications from the work applications. Administrators can then remotely manage the work container and deploy applications silently to any device running. Users remain in full control of their personal data.

Secure your corporate data

Manage how your corporate apps are accessed: restricted sharing and app installs, screen lock policy and VPN.

Define passcode requirements

Protect access to your corporate apps with rules defining your passcode requirements and compliance.

Remove apps & corporate data remotely

In the event of a lost, stolen device or employee termination, IT can remotely wipe corporate data from the employee device.

Android Work Profile made simple

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Single Sign-On

Your own Directory

Simplify user self-enrollment with our OAuth, SAML v2 integrations for identity federation.

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Managed Google Play

Your enterprise App Catalog

Whitelist your own selection of public apps. Add your own custom-made enterprise apps.

iOS management

Manage more than Android

We support BYOD and managed devices on iOS with support for Apple Business Manager and Automated Device Enrollment.

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