Sync and ship your private iOS apps

Appaloosa and Apple Business Manager work seamlessly together. Publish your apps to Apple Business Manager, Appaloosa will handle the distribution to your users.

Sync apps from Apple Business Manager

Appaloosa contains your apps from all distribution channels including Apple Business Manager. Your Apple Business Manager apps will be automatically imported to your administration console, alongside other apps you need to deploy.

Manage users with access

Enter the user’s email address, they will receive all instructions to set up the store on their device and download the app instantly.

Instant app install

Users will download the app directly from the private section of Apple’s App Store. No iOS profile or configuration required.

Automated redemption codes managements

For unmanaged devices, Apple Business Manager relies on redemption codes to allow users to download. Instead of keeping track of each code/user association, Appaloosa makes the process fully automated.

Generate redemption codes

Get enough redemption codes from Apple Business Manager to allow any users to access your app.

Upload to Appaloosa

Upload your redemption codes to Appaloosa as a xls file.

Automated code management

Appaloosa will automatically manage redemption codes and assign available ones to new or existing users.

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Deploy Faster

Everything you need to deploy with Apple Business Manager

There’s more! Based on user feedback, we have included even more features to make app deployment even faster.


Measure app downloads & installs

Instantly know how well your deployment has reached users. Export detailed download stats as csv.


App feedback

View, moderate and export user feedback data.


Manage devices

Gain even more control over your app deployment, updates and configuration with device management.


Single sign-on

Protect access with most SSO Solutions such as SAML, OAuth2 or providers such as Okta or OneLogin.



Create multiple stores to fit additional use cases: BYOD, corporate-owned or beta testing.


Add Android apps

Got a multi-OS userbase? Use Appaloosa to deploy your Android apps too.

Start deploying your apps today.

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