Discover how to support and deploy Managed iOS App Configurations.


With Managed iOS App Configuration, IT admins can leverage the native iOS management framework to configure apps after their deployment.

This framework can be used by developers to include admin-configurable settings when their app is installed as a managed app.

IT admins can apply new or updated configurations remotely. IT ensures that corporate data within apps is handled securely without the need for custom SDKs or wrapping.

End-users can start using apps that have been configured the right way, without requiring custom setup.

Some of the capabilities developers can leverage using Managed iOS App Configuration include

  • configure app settings at launch
  • prevent app backup
  • disable screen capture
  • remotely wipe the app

Supporting Managed iOS App Configuration

The AppConfig Community has been focused on providing tools and best practices around app configuration capabilities on mobile operating systems.

The community has established a standard schema that all app developers can use to support app configuration. EMM providers such as Appaloosa have implemented the standard in order to provide IT admins with configuration deployment options.

Supporting Managed iOS App Configuration basically breaks down to:

  • supporting it within your app and
  • deploying it with an EMM solution such as Appaloosa.

Head to AppConfig’s iOS section for more information about how to support it in your app.

Deploying Managed iOS App Configuration

Now that your app supports Managed Android App Configuration and is published to your EMM, you will be able to configure it remotely for your users.

As an example with Appaloosa, admins will be able to add key/value pairs for any app supporting it.

Appaloosa Managed iOS App Configuration.


With Appaloosa, admins can also use wildcards. Wildcards represent values that are replaced when a managed configuration is pushed into an app. For example if you use @@user_email@@ in a configuration entry, it will be dynamically replaced by the user’s email address.

Available wildcards are email, first name, last name, full name & device_udid.


Julien Ott
February 4, 2021

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