Test and deploy to internal and external users

Our solution is easy to use for your team admins and users. App deployments are made in a few clicks, even for non-technical users. Appaloosa’s speed of implementation makes iterating quick and efficient.

Instant App Availability by Email

Enter the user’s email address, they will receive all instructions to set up the store on their device and download the app instantly.

User Feedback

Read about what users or testers have reported for your deployed builds.

Measure Downloads

Check if users or testers have successfully downloaded your builds.

“Very easy to setup, create groups according to our distribution needs and upload updated app packages. On the mobile device side, the registration, installation of the company store app and apps installation and updating is very straightforward, with the bonus of the available API.”

Quality Assurance & Continuous Integration

When Mobile Application testing in your organisation is scaling fast, you need a solution which can support continuous integration, pre-production and production environments.

Create Multiple Stores

Create a store for each environment such as alpha & beta.

Version History & Preview

Previous versions that have been uploaded and deployed are preserved. Roll back instantly to any previous version. Compare versions by navigating between them. Add a changelog to notify users about what’s new.

Integrates with your own Tools

For building, publishing and automating all the management actions of your store: API, Bitrise, Jenkins, Fastlane.


Everything you need for Mobile Application Distribution

Create a cross-platform, easy to use app store for testers or users.

A/B testing

Target different groups for each of your builds.

Scheduled builds deployment

Set a date & time when your new build should be deployed and tested

Web or native app store

Appaloosa requires no software install for your users. Use our simple web app store or more advanced native app store.

Email & Push notifications

Users are notified when new apps or builds are made available.

Export download stats

Easily export all downloads history for create your custom reporting.

Export feedback

Export all user feedback made while testing an app for easy import into tools such as Jira or Redmine.

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