menu-icon-solutions-mobile-app-distribution Mobile Application Distribution

Included with all plans. Deploy your apps at scale to testers and

For all app types

Host and distribute all your applications: private or public, native or hybrid, web or PWA. On iOS, we support ad-hoc & enterprise.

Deploy updates & test versions

Notify users automatically when a new version needs to be installed. Start testing a newer build with a subset of your userbase.

Push notifications

Send automated push notifications when new apps or updates are availble.

App Feedback

View, moderate and export user feedback data.

App downloads

Instantly know how well your deployment has reached users. Export detailed download stats as csv.

App expiration alerts

Never miss a certificate deadline again. Email alerts are sent long before your app expires.

Device stats

Get a detailed view of Device types, OS, OS versions and top device models using your store.

Compare app versions

Allow selected user groups to download any previous app version for Q&A or improvements review.

Version history

Store all previous versions on our servers. Download or rollback anytime.

Customize your store

Change your store’s appearance, colors & name. Native stores will be updated accordingly.

Manage multiple stores

Create multiple app stores for specific use cases such as beta, production or partner app store.

Automate tasks

Automate most of your management actions in your stores via our REST API: app upload, access control, user & group management.

menu-icon-solutions-mobile-app-management Mobile Application Management

Expansion Pack. Deploy and secure apps for BYOD.

Push silent installs & updates

Define mandatory apps which will be deployed automatically. All updates are deployed instantly without any user intervention.

Configure apps

Deploy remote app configurations on Android and iOS.

Secure private apps only

Control only company applications and data in a BYOD/COPE environment. No third-party administrator of the phone. No MDM.

Wipe corporate apps remotely

Instant remote withdrawal of professional applications and data if the phone is lost or stolen.

Realtime install stats

View how many users have downloaded and installed your app.

menu-icon-solutions-mobile-device-management Mobile Device Management

Expansion Pack. Deploy apps and secure corporate devices.


Apply a minimum PIN length to all your managed company devices.


Define how many days a device can remain non compliant, auto-update policies and default app permissions.

Custom configurations

Apply your own custom device configurations such WiFi, debug mode or disabled services.

Enroll Android devices with QR Code

New Android devices can be automatically configured for use with Appaloosa and your policies as soon as the first boot.

Enroll iOS devices with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program*

*coming soon

Device auto-configuration

Once a device is enrolled, Appaloosa pushes any app or device configuration instantly. Mandatory apps are automatically downloaded to the user’s device.

Start deploying your apps today.

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