Apple Developer Enterprise Program

Apple is starting the process of migrating Enterprise Accounts to Developer Accounts.
This means that very soon, your membership to the Enterprise Developer Account might be challenged.

As a consequence, your apps will need to be re-signed and they distributed with newer tools. But luckily, there's our webinar for that!

Is your team or business prepared for that?

At Appaloosa, we already helped customers transition away from their Enterprise Developer accounts. It's no easy task, but we know how to do it.
During this webinar, we will share everything we know:
- why you are likely to be challenged for membership renewal
- what are your other options for code-signing
- what are the new tools for private app distribution

Session participants will be offered with a free 30-minutes follow-up call with our technical team for further sharing.

We can't stress enough the importance of this change.
If this does not affect you right now, it certainly will in the future. Preparation is key for success!

Webinar will be June 14th 2022 at 4.30pm Paris Time.

Julien Ott
June 7, 2022

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