iOS enrollment

One of our main challenges for the first quarter was to increase the adoption of your iOS applications.

As we mentioned in the previous chronicle the iOS enrollment process is quite complicated for your users, we decided to totally remove it for our customers who can just use our web store without all the features we provide.

Our next step was to improve the enrollment process as it’s still needed when you want to use our native store or our advanced iOS mode.

Thanks to some anonymous analytics we were able to identify a significant drop in the process: we had our first culprit. As we suspected, it happened when users were invited to go to the settings app to install their profile. This information allowed us to focus our work on this specific step.

Previously, when the user reached that step, he/she had a 3 steps tutorial with images to explain the actions that needed to be done:

  • Go to Profile downloaded under the Settings app
  • Install the profile
  • Come back to Safari to complete the process

Before :

To go through the tutorial, 3 user interactions were necessary, which gave the impression of a long process. That was the first change we wanted to make in order to have a process that seems shorter: we have integrated a short video with all 3 steps. Alternatively a one page tutorial with more details than the previous one is available if the video is difficult to follow for your users.

After : 

The second element we wanted to improve was related to collected data. While installing the profile, iOS displays a message that can be worrisome. At Appaloosa, we are committed to protecting your users’ privacy and we carefully avoid collecting any personal data even if the profile could allow it. As we wanted to reassure the users about this and avoid losing them along the enrollment process, we have added a few (optional) explanation slides for users to be able to know what we are and are not collecting.

Finally, we added a short FAQ at the end of the workflow to help users with common questions we have had over the years.

After these steps were identified, we conducted a few user interviews with some of our clients (thank you again!) to have their feedback and improve the flow with their insights. The final workflow is now live and we hope that your users will find it easier than before!

Julien Ott
April 29, 2020

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