Most of our clients use several private app stores to manage their deployment strategy, following their internal organization.

For example, we have met some that use one store as a dev repository, using continuous delivery tools integrations ; another one for beta-testing ; and eventually a last one for massive BYOD or COPE deployment of the same apps. Some use one Appaloosa store per business unit or country that they address. So, it goes up to 150 or 200 stores for the most active clients.

Managing each store separately can thus become a nightmare if you are to copy manually every binary from a store to another.

Download. Change store. Upload. Complete metadata. Repeat.

What a waste of time!” might you say. Hopefully, we lately enhanced our “Copy to other stores” feature. It was available on the older back-office but in a limited version.

You can now save time by copying a specific version of an app from a store, to one or several stores in just four clicks, from the new back-office interface.


Version EN

This feature will copy all metadata related to the version (description, screenshots, changelog, etc…) on the targeted store(s). Afterwards, you are free to target any group of users that you want.

Be aware that, as with the regular app-upload process, we do not support the copy of a inferior version to a store where a superior version already exist.

We also reviewed our UI on store creation, search and deletion.

Julien Ott
March 7, 2019

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