Whatever the size of your company, you should be implementing an effective and reliable Mobile Device Management (MDM) system. These days, every business person relies on a variety of mobile devices to stay connected with customers and colleagues. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets are now an integral part of doing business. 

However, just as these devices can help us to streamline how we work, they also pose a significant security threat. Company data is more at risk on mobile devices than it is on desktop or standalone devices. Mobile devices are more prone to being lost or stolen. Users can mistakenly share corporate data or leave themselves open to cyberattacks or malware. 

MDM security is the best way to ensure that all devices used within your organization can be controlled and are subject to the same protocols and policies. In this article, we will take a close look at the benefits of MDM security and how it can work to enhance the way you do business.

How MDM Security Works

In essence, a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system is the use of dedicated software and corporate policies that enable IT administrators to remotely manage mobile device security. To be effective, MDM solutions require the speed and attention of the company's IT department to monitor the software as well as employee compliance with company policies.

Usually, MDM software is rolled out via either an on-premises server or via the cloud as a SaaS system. Employee devices are designated as clients and the MDM software is integrated into the device operating systems via application programming interfaces (APIs).

SaaS MDM systems are quick to deploy and usually cheaper than on-premises MDM systems. An on-premises MDM system, however, offers a much higher level of security.  All data is stored on physical disks and used by the company's own staff, without third-party intervention. 

Why Does Your Business Need MDM Security?

Doing business in the modern world means using mobile devices. Unfortunately, our smartphones are vulnerable and can cause security breaches that may be costly. 

Lost or stolen devices are a common security risk. There is also the constant threat of malware or cyberattacks. When employees use devices for both private and corporate functions, then there is an increased chance of legal problems arising from privacy issues. 

Adding an MDM system will ensure that all mobile devices used by employees are secure. MDM systems ensure that companies stay compliant with privacy regulations.

 Because they can be rolled out uniformly, MDM security systems reduce IT support costs. The capability to quickly integrate with other business apps also facilitates bug management and streamlines onboarding. Automated tasks can result in increased productivity.

How MDM Can Ensure Your Business Stays Secure

Data security is directly linked to device security. MDM provides a wide range of solutions to ensure that corporate devices stay secure in any eventuality. MDM enables the implementation of customized policies for all devices.

Communication security can be achieved via email encryption. The security of the device itself can be enhanced via password protected secure containers that separate private and corporate data. This limited access to corporate and personal data also helps to mitigate any privacy issues. 

Misuse of a device can be managed via app whitelisting and blacklisting and data usage restrictions. Remote messaging can assist with company policy enforcement and help to achieve 100% compliance.  

Lost or stolen phones can be recovered via device tracking or disabled via geofencing. Remote locking, disk encryption, and remote disk wiping can be only utilized if there is a chance of a significant data leak from a lost or stolen phone. Backup/restore functions enable a recovered device to be fully functional again with no loss of security. 

What Are the Challenges in Providing Effective MDM Security?

While MDM provides a range of security benefits, there are still challenges companies must deal with. Managing multi-platform environments can be complicated and requires coordination between IT departments and employees and specialized software. These problems are often found with companies that use Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) systems.

Ensuring security and compliance requires employees to be vigilant about how they use their phones, even with an MDM system in place. Effective application management can help to guard against misuse but must not impact employee productivity. Internal data breaches can also still occur despite having an MDM system in place.

How to Implement a Secure MDM Solution for Your Business

The first step to deploying an MDM system requires careful planning. Preparation questions must be carefully formulated so that the security needs of the company are addressed, and privacy concerns are dealt with. All while ensuring that employees are able to perform their duties effectively and efficiently.  


It is crucial that companies research MDM providers thoroughly to find one that will be able to meet their needs. An MDM deployment for corporate devices will require a different set of applications than an MDM deployment for semi-corporate devices. Regardless of your chosen devices, you should allow ample time for testing the system before rolling it out to all devices.


The Best Security Functionalities of MDM Tools

MDM systems are vital for any company that requires its employees to use mobile devices for corporate purposes. As well as improved security, an MDM system can enhance employee and device productivity via performance monitoring and policy enforcement. Scalability is easily achieved with BYOD capabilities, automatic app updates, and platform specific features for iOS and Android devices. 

The best security features of MDM tools include:

  • Lost device tracking
  • Disk encryption
  • Geofencing
  • Remote locking and disk wiping 
  • Password protection
  • Secure containers
  • Data usage restrictions 
  • App whitelisting and blacklisting
  • Backup and restore functions 


Appaloosa is a leader in MDM security solutions. We can provide businesses of all sizes with flexible MDM systems that ensure data security, communications security, and device security. Tracking capabilities can guard against lost devices and help your IT department maintain accurate inventory lists. Whether your company wishes to use corporate owned devices, or you want a BYOD system, we can find MDM solutions that work for you

Julien Ott
August 5, 2022

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