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Deploy any Android app fullscreen with kiosk mode.

With Appaloosa, easily set up Android Dedicated Device, also known as an Android Kiosk Mode Device or an Android Single-Use Device, to run a specific application or a set of applications in a restricted manner. 


Deploy with Android Enterprise for digital signage, inventory management or other business operations where a dedicated device is required.


Define your kiosk apps

Set up your Android tablets or devices to run in kiosk mode and restrict user access to specific applications or tasks. With Android kiosk mode, IT admins can set up dedicated devices that run a single app or a set of apps, and control device settings to prevent users from accessing other device functions or installing unauthorized applications.

Apps launched at startup

Configure devices to launch a specific app immediately after the device boots up, ensuring that the app is always available and ready for use. This eliminates the need for users to manually launch the app each time they use the device, streamlining workflows and increasing productivity.

Single or multiple apps

By running a single app in Kiosk Mode, administrators can limit device usage to the specific task or function that the app is designed for. In contrast, running multiple apps in Kiosk Mode allows administrators to ensure that users only have access to the apps that are necessary for specific use cases.

Distraction-free experience

Android Kiosk Mode creates an immersive and streamlined user experience by limiting device functionality to a specific set of applications and functions. By removing unnecessary navigation and settings, users can focus solely on the intended use case and task, while preventing access to the app store ensures that users only have access to pre-approved applications.

Maintain order in your device fleet

With Appaloosa's Mobile Device Management and Android Kiosk Mode, keep centralized control and management over a fleet of kiosk Android devices, allowing administrators to configure, monitor, update or wipe devices remotely.

Apps are always up to date

Take control over app deployment and updates, ensuring that apps on kiosk Android devices are always up to date. Appaloosa deploys app updates across all devices at once, enhancing security and reliability while minimizing downtime.

Scheduled OS upgrades

Simplify your process of managing and scheduling upgrades, reducing the risk of human error and device downtime during active use or store hours.

Repurpose your fleet

Using our web interface, you can modify the configuration of any kiosk device and repurpose it for another activity or use case, such as making it a managed employee device or allowing it for BYOD.

Provision new devices easily

Expand your fleet effortlessly and set up new Android device acquisitions for Kiosk use right away.

QR Code and NFC

Save manual configuration time by simply scanning a QR code or tapping an NFC tag. Devices can be provisioned with the necessary settings, configurations, and applications, saving time and reducing the risk of human error.

Zero Touch

Pre-configure devices before they are even shipped to end-users with Appaloosa and Android Zero Touch. This ensures a consistent and secure configuration across all devices, simplifies the deployment process, and reduces the need for manual intervention by IT administrators.

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Device Inventory

Keep an eye on your fleet

Get details about any device in your fleet: type, owner, management type, applied configuration and metadata.

OEM Config

Supercharge rugged devices

Apply extensive configuration options for your rugged devices with OEM Config. Supported: Samsung, Zebra, Honeywell, Ascom, Bluebird and more. 

Remote support

Help is on the way

Provide fast support and helpdesk services to end-users with detailed device information and remote support including log capture, remote access & control.

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