Deploy Faster

Manage your app beta or production deployments from the same interface.

iOS, Android or Web

Deploy any native, public web apps to your store in a few steps. Add your metadata or import from public app stores. Deploy multiple app versions to targeted audiences.

Manage Users, Test or Production Groups

Send new users an invite email or connect with Appaloosa with your Single Sign-On solution. With user groups, target app releases to the right users.

Measure App Downloads

With app & device based statistics, see how your deployment is doing and which devices or OS are actively using your store.

“Appaloosa is so intuitive that it stands out as the best enterprise app distribution platform. ”

Stay in Control

Advanced capabilities for larger organizations.

Choose how Apps are Deployed

Select if apps are self-serve or mandatory. Push updates silently. Schedule apps to deploy later.

Define App Access Rights

Choose which groups can download your apps. Start testing newer releases with smaller user groups.

Multiple Admins

Promote extra users as admin to manage apps, users, groups & devices.

Deploy Faster

Everything you need to deploy your app

From beta testing to enterprise deployment, our admin interface can help scaling operations easily.

Manage multiple stores

Create multiple app stores for specific use cases such as beta, production or partner app store.

Automate tasks

Automate most of your management actions in your stores via our REST API: app upload, access control, user & group management.

Configure apps

Simplify user-experience and deploy iOS and Android app configurations remotely.

Configure devices

Define device policies & configurations for new and existing devices in your store.

Customize your store

Change the name, the icon and even the colors!

Single sign-on

Choose to enforce user-authentication through your SSO provider. SAMLv2, OAuth and third-party providers.

Start deploying your apps today.

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