The upload of Web Applications is now available on our new interface. You will have one less reason to switch to the old admin!


khgadziygOne click here will no longer redirect you on the old admin!

Here is how it works:

  1. On app upload first step, select Web Application ;
  2. Then, paste the link of a public app URL ;
  3. If possible, Appaloosa fetches an icon and a name for this URL and uploads them automatically ;
  4. For iOS, be sure to check “full screen” parameter if this web app is meant to be read full screen on new widen screens ;
  5. And you’re all set! Deployment steps ahead are similar to other types of app.

In order to improve your User Experience, we are moving increasingly the last features to our last interface which is more user-friendly.

This migration drives also a deletion of some hundred of code line on our side. For the benefit of our developers! So please note that the upload of web apps is no longer available on the old administration interface.