Willing to improve our product, we noticed that most of our new users were somehow lost on Appaloosa’s admin and wouldn’t dare asking for help. So we decided to take the lead by rethinking all the onboarding process for the new users.

The major problem at stake for new joiners: there was only 30% of them that would add an application on their store during the trial period. To us, it meant that 70% of our trial accounts would leave the platform without having tested the central added value of the product.

As such, we opted for two solutions.

First, a new landing page offering a tutorial video of the platform. It pops out when you first log in:

The new welcoming page

Besides welcoming new users, it also includes a short video introduction answering the following questions:

  • How to deploy an app and add/manage users?
  • What the app store looks like for their users?
  • How to get insights of your App Store’s usage?
  • How to contact us?

This video can be accessed in the top menu during the first 2 weeks. We do hope it will help new users to handle our platform. As always, if you do have any question don’t hesitate to use the contact button on the right bottom corner. Our team will be happy to help! 😉


Second, after having watched this tutorial, beginners are now redirected straight within the app-upload feature. 1st logical step of anything you want to do on Appaloosa, uploading an app is now highlighted during the firsts minutes of your experience.

We also deleted disturbing items that could lose the focus of the trial experience.

Calm and quiet… Why not add some apps?