As we have just switched off our old administration interface we think that it is a great time to make a little overview of our solution and new interface!

At Appaloosa, we have 3 main concepts to let you deploy an application to your clients: Users, Groups, and Applications. Let’s take a look at each point!

As an administrator, you can deal with two kinds of users: other administrators and your end-users which need to access your enterprise applications.

You can manually add them, just by filling a few pieces of information: first name, last name, email address and if you want the user to be an admin or not. As simple as that.


No worry, we also provide CSV upload if you have a lot of users to add!

Each newly added user is by default added to an Everybody group. Groups are a way to group users in order to have a modular way to deploy your applications. Creating a group is even simpler, you just need to give a name to the group, and add some users that you have already created! You can do it other way around: assign an existing group as you add the user as described above.


Now that you have users and maybe some groups, you just need to add apps on the Applications tab!

You may have to choose the kind of app you want to add:

  • private applications: after uploading the archive, you will be able to add more data to the application like description, changelog or screenshots.
  • public applications available on Apple and Google public stores: you just need to copy-paste the link to the application and we will get screenshots and description for you
  • web app applications: you will need to fill the URL with an HTTPS link and fill in some application details for your end-users

The deployment step is the same for the uploading of all kinds of apps. You will need to choose who will be able to access it: select as many groups as you want or schedule the deployment to your groups by choosing a date!


That’s all! These few steps will let you deploy your apps to all your users. There is a lot more to do on Appaloosa, just have a quick look 🙂

You can go deeper with our Getting started articles, right here. 

For more details, please do not hesitate to contact our team by email