iOS 15 has been released as a public beta before its september general availability. We review the best iOS 15 features for the enterprise.

Better work-life balance

iOS 15 focus

For the past year, home has for many become more than the secondary office. The line between professional and private spaces became even thinner. Apple’s keynote highlighted new ways for iOS users to help with finding a better work-life balance.

This includes new Do-Not-Disturb features directly within iOS. For instance if you choose to enter Do-Not-Disturb, notifications will be muted and people messaging you will be informed of the status.

A great new addition to the notification system in iOS 15 is the introduction of profiles such as work and personal, for which the user can choose which apps should be allowed to send notifications. This enables for instance to mute work-related notifications on week ends or personal apps during a work meeting.

FaceTime Video calling for all

iOS 15 FaceTime

Like iMessage, FaceTime was up until iOS 15 an Apple exclusive app. You needed your friends and family to have at least an iOS or Mac device to initiate one-on-one or group video calls.

This year, Craig Federighi announced that FaceTime will be made available to any participant on any devices. Participants outside Apple’s ecosystem will receive a link and will be able to connect with any browser.

Apple also improved FaceTime core capabilities with screen-sharing, better voice isolation, single-speaker view and blurred background options.

Better collaboration

iOS photo app

Let’s see how this new feature gets used in the enterprise, but iOS 15 announced new capabilities to improve how people use the information in their photos.

Pretty much everyone has already once shared a photo of a whiteboard session. Now, iOS 15 with Live Text lets you capture text information from a photo, use copy/paste like any other app and share to anyone.

Simplified App Distribution

Apple has also improved Apple Business Manager, enabling quick app distribution to employees and partners. Ever since in-house certificates became hard to sign-up for by new businesses, Apple Business Manager is a great alternative to replace this program.