Apply device policies & configuration

Appaloosa enables admins to create company-wide policies to better control access to corporate data.

Apply a minimum PIN length to all your managed company devices.
Define how many days a device can remain non compliant, auto-update policies and default app permissions.
Custom configurations
Apply your own custom device configurations such WiFi, debug mode or disabled services.

“The ease of setup was great, in a few minutes we can deploy an internal app on all our devices.”

Antoine C. — Digital Project Manager
Appaloosa - Enterprise app store for your internal apps

Quicker enrollment

Start adding devices in a snap.

Enroll Android devices with QR Code
New Android devices can be automatically configured for use with Appaloosa and your policies as soon as the first boot.
Enroll iOS devices with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program*
*coming soon
Device Auto-Configuration
Once a device is enrolled, Appaloosa pushes any app or device configuration instantly. Mandatory apps are automatically downloaded to the user’s device.

Deploy faster

More than Mobile Device Management

Before we released a Mobile Device Management solution, we were already experts in Mobile Application Management. All MAM features are included with MDM.

Android Enterprise

Certified for Work-Profile (BYOD or COPE) and Full Device (corporate-owned).

App management

Host and distribute all your applications: private or public, native or hybrid, web or PWA. Create groups and assign the apps to authorized users.

App configuration

Apply app configurations remotely on iOS and Android.

Remote wipe

Wipe corporate data from any lost or stolen device remotely. Trigger automated wipes when a user leaves the company.

Single sign-on

Protect access with most SSO Solutions such as SAML, OAuth2 or providers such as Okta or OneLogin.


Create multiple stores to fit additional use cases: BYOD, corporate-owned or beta testing.

Start managing your devices today.

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Appaloosa - Enterprise app store for your internal apps