Deploy silently, configure automatically

With Mobile Application Management and Appalosa, define apps which need to be deployed, configured and updated automatically.

Assign Public/Private Apps
Host and distribute all your applications: private or public, native or hybrid, web or PWA. Create groups and assign the apps to authorized users.
Push Silent Installs & Updates
Define mandatory apps which will be deployed automatically. All updates are deployed instantly without any user intervention.
Configure Apps
Deploy remote app configurations on Android and iOS.

“Excellent user experience with a unique ability of not locking down your employees’ phones even in their personal space. A clear separation of work space and personal space on the mobile device makes it a very compelling enterprise solution.”

Vishruth M. — Deputy CIO
Appaloosa - Enterprise app store for your internal apps

Keep it secure, without device management

Appaloosa’s Mobile Application Management enables admins to deploy with ease and securely. Appalosa will protect access to your apps and also keep your user’s personal data separated and private.

Protect with Single Sign-On
Access to the store and its applications is controlled by mandatory user authentication and group-based access-control. Appaloosa supports most SSO solutions for connecting your users to their store such as SAML or OAuth2.
Secure Private Apps Only
Control only company applications and data in a BYOD/COPE environment. No third-party administrator on the phone. No MDM.
Wipe Corporate Apps Remotely
Instant remote withdrawal of professional applications and data if the phone is lost or stolen.

Deploy faster

Everything you need for Mobile Application Management

We create an app store experience which is easily adopter by end-users and fast to implement for admins.

Great adoption rate

Our stats show that 95% of invited users join our app store.

Measure app downloads & installs

Instantly know how well your deployment has reached users. Export detailed download stats as csv.

App feedback

View, moderate and export user feedback data.

Version management

Store all previous versions on our servers. Download or rollback anytime.

Customize your store

Change your store’s appearance, colors & name. Native stores will be updated accordingly.

Device stats

Get a detailed view of Device types, OS, OS versions and top device models using your store.

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Appaloosa - Enterprise app store for your internal apps