Advanced App Management on iOS and Android

Features and new standards for iOS and Android Enterprise with the Appaloosa solution

What Appaloosa Does vs What We Don't Do

Appaloosa supports mobile initiatives and accelerates work release. Our SaaS is opposed to EMM solutions that are complex, constraining, and incompatible with new uses. We offer an experience designed for the BYOD and whose flexibility also makes it possible to adapt to a fleet of managed COPE devices. It's fast to implement and user-centric.

What we do

  • Silent app install
  • Silent app update
  • Silent app wiping
  • Install a work profile on Android
  • Divide professional and personal space
  • Compatible with your entire fleet of devices: managed, COPE, and BYOD

What We Don’t Do

  • Manage devices
  • Change device settings
  • Require a password on a device
  • Mix pro and personal data
  • Take control of an entire device

Android Enterprise Specificities

The work profile

This is specific to Android: with the work profile, the device is divided into two separate spaces. The separation is done by the Android System software layer: you only control the professional part. The separation is also visible on the device's screen.

Control Your Applications Remotely

Silently and remotely install, update, and remove business applications

Android Permissions Management

Detecting the necessary permissions: You validate the permissions in advance from the Appaloosa platform for public and internal applications, to be applied in your private store.

Configuring Android Applications

You have the option to pre-fill the necessary info via the application configuration, your users no longer have to take care of app configuration.

iOS Enterprise Specificities

Separation of Pro and Personal Data

Unlike Android, the separation is not visible. You still only control the business applications on the device and do not access or manage any personal data.

Control Your Applications Remotely

Silently and remotely install, update, and remove business applications

iOS MDM Certificates Management

We help you create your iOS distribution certificate to deploy your iOS apps.

You receive alerts about imminent expiration of these certificates and are guided through the renewal process.

Configuring iOS Applications

Predefined configurations can be added for the applications that support them. Your employees no longer have to deal with the sometimes complex configuration of their apps (mail, file storage, etc.) meaning they can use them faster.

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