Nearly 3 billions of people on our planet are now staying home or at least reducing drastically their daily trips in order to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.


At Appaloosa, we believe that remote work and home office should not be an obstacle for your company. So we offer you 30 days free to help you to deploy your tools to your employees and partners.

Appaloosa is free during 30 days instead of 14!

Test today and benefit from our help and advice to deploy your apps successfully


With the right tools to work from home:


Your employees remain productive and efficient, without intrusion in their private life

Safety first. Your enterprise data remains secure.


Even when working remotely, your employees need to access their usual work environment and tools, including the internal mobile apps that your company is using. Due to security reasons, these apps can’t, however, be deployed in the public App Store and Play Store. This is why Appaloosa offers you to create a private and secure app store, for your employees and partners only.

Deploy your apps with an Enterprise App Store

Create your enterprise app store and deploy your internal apps today, on corporate and personal devices, while respecting user privacy.

Step 1
Invite users

Add the e-mail addresses of your users. They receive a personalized invitation by email.

Step 2
Add applications

Upload a private iOS or Android app, public or web apps.

Step 3
Deploy your applications

Choose which users groups should have access to which applications. They will be automatically notified.

Step 4
Your apps are available

Your apps are now available to selected users via a native private app store or by web.

Appaloosa is free during 30 days instead of 14!

Test today and benefit from our help and advice to deploy your apps successfully

A private App Store which is reliable, secure,
and easy to use!

“Appaloosa is a start-up of the OCTO Technology and Accenture Digital group. Our raison d’être? To promote and accelerate mobility in companies with a BYOD and user-centric solution to give employees control over their mobility. 

95 %

Of users invited to your enterprise
store install it.

99,5 %

Time of platform availability.
Supervised stability guaranteed by SLA.

20 min

Average support time.
We take special care to answer you quickly.

“What I liked best was the simplicity and ease of use of the product as well as the possibility to generate a custom app store with the image of the brand. In addition, their support is excellent and the product works as promised. ”

Erko Knoll – Team Leader, IS Solutions and 

R&D Group @Playtech

Over 100 clients have tested and adopted our entreprise store

"Appaloosa brings the latest versions of La Poste mobile apps to 90,000 users with an easy-to-use, powerful and scalable private app store."

“With the Leroy Merlin App Store both on corporate and personal devices, we’re now helping more than 7,000 of our employees to conveniently work with company tools on their own device everyday.”