This article is part of our guide: What is Apple Business Manager?

Apple Business Manager is made for Apple devices (iOS, MacOS and TvOS). You can’t manage Android devices within the same platform. If your fleet is hybrid, you should extend and complete Apple Business Manager with an EMM such as Appaloosa. Extending with an EMM will bring deeper management features and cross-platform compatibility.

Apple Business manager isn’t made for the general audience, nor for app beta testing. It is strictly for production environments.

Limitations to app distribution

There are also differences and limitations relating to app distribution. While the Apple Enterprise Developer program allows you to sign applications for private and direct distribution, Apple Business Manager requires a standard Apple Developer account and requires private apps to go through Apple’s App review, even though the Review Guidelines are adapted to the private app use case.

Speaking of app distribution, Apple Business Manager can only be used in standalone with unmanaged devices. Without an additional EMM or MDM, apps are distributed using redemption codes which are assigned to users once and can’t be re-assigned. You also can’t provide management over those apps (no auto-update nor remote wipe).

Integration with EMM or MDM

Unless you are only managing a few dozen devices that are strictly iOS, we strongly recommend you make use of an EMM such as Appaloosa to extend to Android devices, enable more features and benefit from easier management.

Having a single interface for user and device management streamlines the admin tasks and applies simpler configurations regardless of the target devices’s OS. For instance, if your end-user has both an iPhone and an Android tablet, the EMM solution will deploy the same policies and grant access to the same apps regardless of the OS he uses.

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