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Why should I need an EMM with Apple Business Manager?

Apple Business Manager is Apple’s solution to help IT administrators deploy and manage their company’s Apple devices (iOS, macOS, tvOS) in one interface. It is highly recommended to link Apple Business Manager to an EMM or MDM solution to extend its capabilities and do more with the devices and apps such as device enrolment, app management and device policies.

Having an EMM or MDM solution in place also makes it easier to manage the whole fleet, whether iOS or Android and unifiy the feature set. For instance, if your end-user has both an iPhone and an Android tablet, the EMM solution will deploy the same policies and grant access to the same apps regardless of the OS he uses.

EMMs and MDMs tend to unifiy each OS’s complexities and abstract each platform’s specifics to make sure that admins achieve their goals instead of understanding each OS’s innerworkings.

If you ever have to revoke access or wipe a user’s device, EMMs will make it streamlined within their interface, regardless of the target user’s device or OS.

How to integrate an EMM with Apple Business Manager?

While Apple Business Manager doesn’t offer an API, it is quite easy to link an EMM to Apple Business Manager.

Your EMM should require only one item: your Apple Business Manager token. It is available from your Apple Business Manager console.
With this token, your EMM should be able to sync with Apple Business Manager and provide a unified experience for all your company’s devices, whether Android or iOS.

Apple Business Manager server token

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