This article is part of our guide: What is Apple Business Manager?

If you have finished reading this guide, congratulations! You can now consider yourself a master in all-things Apple Business Manager.

Here’s a recap of what we have learned:

  • Apple Business Manager becomes the standard in private, business app distribution
  • It has benefits over both ad-hoc or in-house as apps do not expire
  • It is even more beneficial when connected to an EMM solution in order to automate tasks and support Android systems as well

Appaloosa is a cloud-based solution to manage your apps and devices. We support simpler deployment methods such as ad-hoc, but also support Apple Business Manager with which Appaloosa syncs.

Link Appaloosa & Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager & Appaloosa integration

Appaloosa enables you to link Apple Business Manager and your admin console on Appaloosa. This means that Appaloosa is putting Apple Business Manager on auto-pilot. User management, group management and app management will all be supervised from Appaloosa.

This not only simplifies the process for iOS apps, but enables admins to manage Android deployments from the same console. If for instance an admin invites a user, he will be served with the same apps whether he connects from an iOS device or from an Android device.

Sync Apple Business Manager apps with Appaloosa

Apple Business Manager & Appaloosa sync

As soon as your app is made available to your Apple Business Manager instance, it will be made available to your Appaloosa console. Thus enabling admins to assign apps to their users, apply app configurations and view download stats.

Redemption codes management

Apple Business Manager Redemption codes management

Appaloosa will automatically assign available redemption codes to your current or future users. A simple csv file upload with all the codes will be enough, Appaloosa will manage the rest! A redemption code will be automatically given to an authorized user requesting access to the app.

How to get Appaloosa & Apple Business Manager

Interested in learning more about Appaloosa & Apple Business Manager? Simply Request Access to Appaloosa and the team will help you set up your environment. We offer a free demo and an optional 14-day trial.