Enterprise application deployment

You need to deploy your applications, whether on a small or large scale, in an organised and controlled manner.

You want to address the largest number of employees, which implies a varied pool of mobile devices.

Enterprise application deployment concerns your organisation's employees as well as your business partners, your clients or your franchisees. Everyone must be able to access the company's mobile tools.

Your challenges in application deployment



  • Distribute apps to a varied pool of devices
  • Address players who are both internal and external to your organisation
  • Facilitate access to applications, especially for non-technical users
  • Ability to grow from 10 to 10,000 users quickly
  • Maximise application adoption rate
  • Keep professional and personal data separate
  • Ensure the security of company data

Appaloosa and application deployment

Avec Appaloosa, vous mettez en place un app store privé d'entreprise qui s'adresse à tous les acteurs de votre organisation, qu'ils soient internes ou externes.

With Appaloosa, you set up a corporate private app store designed for all players in your organisation, whether internal or external.

This private app store is accessible from any mobile device: Android, iOS, smartphone, tablet, enterprise-owned device, personal device.

You can address BYOD devices while ensuring the protection of company data without ever taking control of the employee's personal data.

Our key features for deploying your applications

Security first: the company keeps control

Your app store is private, access is by invitation only. You can remotely and silently remove the internal applications of the company. You can choose the public applications that can be accessed from your store on the controlled part of the device.

Winning over employees helps to achieve better adoption rates

Implementation of a private app store allows you to give access to your applications to a wider range of devices: COPE, BYOD and devices managed by the company. The user experience is similar to a public app store: even the non-technical users in your organisation will feel at home there. You can guarantee your users a strict separation between their professional and personal life. 

Go to scale with confidence, the platform will follow you

The platform is scalable according to user needs. We ensure continuous availability.

Track the performance of your deployments

You can follow deployments in real time. Reminders to access your apps  are automatic. You can also set some applications to be installed automatically