Beta test your mobile apps at scale

Before publishing your mobile application on the public stores, you need to test it with a restricted panel of people.

Application beta testing is an essential step before publication, whether on a public app store or to internal users.

Users need to be validated and check if the app is working properly.

Appaloosa Beta Test use case

Mobile app beta testing challenges



  • Test an application on a variety of devices
  • Run tests in close proximity with your target audience
  • Restrict app and version access 
  • Iterate quickly and give access to the latest build
  • Act quickly on crash reports
  • Measure user feedback
  • Target user groups with specific versions
  • Organise A/B testing
  • Include external stakeholders into the testing process

Appaloosa and mobile app beta testing



Appaloosa creates a private app store to upload your builds and target your audience.

Our solution is easy to use for your team admins and testers. App deployments are made in a few clicks, even for non-technical users. Appaloosa's speed of implementation makes iterating quick and efficient.

Our key features for mobie app beta testing

Instant availability in the private store

The latest updates are available instantly. Users are notified by push messages, and they will always test the latest version.

User comments

Your users can rate the app and leave comments directly on the app's details page

User groups

App & version availability can be customized with user groups.

Invite users by email

Enter the user's email address, they will receive all instructions to set up the store on their device.

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