Quality assurance & continuous integration

Application development in your organisation is becoming more professional and you need different work environments: integration, pre-production and production.

You now have a well-stock catalogue of apps. You are developing and maintaining these applications with frequent and regular updates.

This situation can quickly become a nightmare as the team is handling everything manually. You are interested in ways to automate time-consuming tasks.

The challenges of application acceptance testing and continuous integration


  • Gain fluidity in developments: implement changes quickly, without obstacles in deploying them
  • Responsiveness in bug fixing
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Work with software shared and controlled by a wide target audience, without technical skills, with transparent processes
  • Open tests to external stakeholders
  • Instant app updates
  • Integration with existing development tools
  • Multiple test and validation environments

Appaloosa and continuous integration

Implementation of a private app store will allow for instant app deployments.

The app store and its administration interface  integrates with many development tools that will help you streamline your application development process.

Ensure robust acceptance testing process with a large target audience and multiple test environments.

Our key features for acceptance testing and, continuous integration

Integrates with your own tools

For building, publishing and automating all the management actions of your store: API Appaloosa, Bitrise, Jenkins, Java Client, Ruby Client.

Instant deployment of applications

To ensure delivery and acceptance testing on the latest version of the application.

Creation of several stores

Create a store for each environment such as alpha & beta.

Version history

Previous versions that have been built and deployed are preserved. Roll back instantly to any previous version.

Versions preview

Compare versions by navigating between them. Add a changelog to notify users about the latest.

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