Android Enterprise app & device management beta

Appaloosa now supports Android Enterprise  with Work Profile and Full Device options.

Deploy to personal and corporate devices with controls over apps and device configuration.

Appaloosa is providing this feature as beta to all enterprise customers. Contact us below to sign up for the beta.

Your challenges in application deployment

  • Distribute apps to BYOD and corporate devices
  • Configure apps remotely
  • Manage & enforce security policies
  • Enroll configured devices at scale
  • Remote wipe of corporate data, either partial or full
  • Device & policy inventory

Appaloosa for Android app & device management

Appaloosa has partnered with Google to provide Android management at scale for apps & devices for BYOD and corporate devices.

For BYOD devices, Appaloosa deploys the "work profile", enabling users to separate personal apps from corporate ones and giving IT control only over what they have deployed.

For corporate devices, Appaloosa deploys the "full device", allowing for devices to be completely configured and controlled ie. corporate devices, rugged devices such as Zebra or Bluebird. Managed devices can be configured easily with a simple QR code scan.

For hybrid scenarios, Appaloosa enables admins to choose how devices are enrolled and select if the user should be managed (full device) or unmanaged (work profile).

Our key features for app & device management

Configure devices

Manage device policies and configure options such as wifi or passcode.

Configure apps

Deploy pre-configured public or private apps.

Hybrid management

Use Appaloosa to deploy either to managed or unmanaged devices.

Easy enrollement

Invite users by email or send an easy QR code for enrollement.

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