Advanced App Management on iOS and Android

Features and new standards for iOS and Android Enterprise with Appaloosa

What Appaloosa Does vs What We Don't Do

Appaloosa supports mobile initiatives and accelerates app releases. Our solution is opposed to complex & constraining EMM vendors. We offer an experience designed for BYOD and which flexibility also makes it a good option for COPE devices. We’re fast to implement and user-centric.

What we do

  • Silent app install
  • Silent app update
  • Silent app wipe
  • Install a work profile on Android
  • Divide professional and personal space
  • Compatible with your entire fleet of devices: managed, COPE, and BYOD

What We Don’t Do

  • Managing devices
  • Changing device settings
  • Requiring a password on a device
  • Mixing pro and personal data
  • Taking control of an entire device

How we manage apps on Android

The work profile

With the work profile, the device is divided into two separate spaces. The separation is done by the Android System software layer: we only control the professional part. The separation is also user-visible from the device's homescreen.

Remote app control

Silently and remotely install, update, and remove business applications

Android Permissions Management

Public app permissions are pre-validated by admins before apps are deployed to users. All app updates with permission changes will require admin approval.

Configuring Android Applications

Android apps which support app configurations can be customized in Appaloosa. App configurations are pushed remotely when applied.

How we manage apps on iOS

Separation of Pro and Personal Data

Unlike Android, the separation is not visible from the homescreen. Users are prompted of any management changes and admins are only in control over managed apps, not personal data.

Control Your Applications Remotely

Silently and remotely install, update, and remove business applications

iOS MDM Certificates Management

Appaloosa helps with iOS distribution certificate maintenance.

Admins receive alerts about imminent expiration of these certificates and are guided through the renewal process.

Configuring iOS Applications

Predefined configurations can be added and deployed remotely for supported apps.

Deploy and configure your apps today