A private and native app store for iOS and Android

Appaloosa provides a private app store dedicated to the employees of your company. Your applications are easily available and your users are autonomous with their professional or private devices

A simple Enterprise App Store

The advantage of simplicity is fast and large-scale adoption of your applications.

Step 1
Invite users

Add the e-mail addresses of your users. They receive a personalized invitation by email.

Step 2
Add applications

Upload a private iOS or Android app, public or web apps.

Step 3
Deploy your applications

Choose which users groups should have access to which applications. They will be automatically notified.

Step 4
Your apps are available

Your apps are now available to selected users via a native private app store or by web.

Onboarding is guided and simplified.

Joining a private app store has never been easier. Your users will be autonomous to install as well as use your app store on a daily basis.

An intuitive user experience

From the user point of view, the experience is very similar to that of the public app stores; user experience is intuitive. Enrich your application’s information page, with summary, screenshots, description, changelog and categories.

Users can also help improve company processes by leaving their feedback on your applications.

Average app stores adoption rate

What I liked the best is the simplicity and easy-of-use of the product and an ability to generate a custom branded app store. Their support is great and the product works as advertised.

Download at least one app

A private and secure app store

Access to the store and its applications is controlled by mandatory user authentication and group-based access-control.

Appaloosa supports most SSO solutions for connecting your users to their store: SAMLv2, OAuth2, Google Sign In, etc.

Your company will have the benefit of control over its deployed applications - access to apps and versions, mandatory updates and withdrawal.

Strict separation between personal and professional data

Features for the administrator

  • Control of company applications and data in a BYOD/COPE environment.
  • Silent delivery of mandatory applications and updates.
  • Instant remote withdrawal of applications and professional data if the phone is lost or stolen.

Features for the user

  • Control and confidentiality over personal applications and personal data.
  • No third-party administrator of the phone.
  • Possibility of cutting off professional applications at any time.

Create your own private app store