Enterprise App Store management in a single interface

Manage all apps, users and stores from a single interface. Get detailed stats about app downloads. All features wrapped in an enjoyable user experience.

App management

Manage all your applications from one interface

Total control over apps without device management

  • Wipe corporate applications remotely
  • Automated install of mandatory applications
  • Automated downloads for app updates
  • Supports all app types: web, progressive, hybrid or native apps on iOS and Android

Integrated with your development process

  • Connect Appaloosa to your mobile development process with our plugins: Gradle, Jenkins, Bitrise, Fastlane, Java and Ruby clients
  • Slack notifications for app updates

Manage app versions easily

  • Multi-version delivery and acceptance testing: switch from one version to another, test multiple versions with different audiences
  • All previous app builds are kept in archive for later use
  • Download any previous version at any time

Advanced deployment features

  • Schedule app deployments for a later date
  • Get notifications when iOS certificates are about to expire

Users & Groups management

Push notifications

Send customised push notifications to users

Invite reminders

Remind users to join the store with customized emails

Users groups

Create and manage user groups for targeted app deployments

Simplified support

Get a quick overview of the install base and version adoption

Control access

Revoke access to your app store from lost or stolen devices

App Store management and automation

Multiple store support

Generate as many stores as you want, each with their own apps, users and policies.

Customize the store design

Customize your store with your company's colours and logo. Host your store on your own domain.

Automate tasks

Automate most of your management actions in your stores via our REST API: app upload, access control, user & group management.

Store metrics


Get metrics on your fleet: number of devices registered, OSes, screen sizes etc.


Get metrics about when users connect to your store.


Get metrics about downloads, install rate, distribution groups for all app versions.


Export all metrics for third-party app use in CSV format.

Manage your enterprise apps today