Enterprise App Store to deploy private mobile applications

Appaloosa accelerates company mobility with a user-centric BYOD solution to give employees control of their mobility.

One private App Store, three use cases

Appaloosa helps you to deploy your apps to your employeessimplify your beta-test campaignsfacilitate continuous deployment and acceptance

They have tested and adopted the Enterprise App Store

More than 100 companies have adopted the Appaloosa solution for deploying or beta-testing their private applications

Delivering Excellence Via Empowerment

In 2017, thanks to Appaloosa, more than 90,000 of our carriers now use their smartphone to work everyday.

Mathieu Sniter Mobile project leader
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Appaloosa VS Mobile Device Management (MDM)

I need to
  • deploy private applications to 10, 100, 10,000 employees
  • facilitate BYOD in my company, while maintaining a secure environment
  • accelerate the delivery, as well as the acceptance testing process, of my applications
  • quickly share an application in order to have it tested by a targeted user group
  • boost the performance of my applications

With Appaloosa

  • Set-up of the platform is extremely simple. You can do it without support and be ready to deploy application within minutes
  • A unified Android and iOS catalogue
  • Address BYOD or COPE devices

With MDM Solutions

  • Complex tools with a set-up process lasting several weeks and required consulting time
  • A different distribution platform for each OS
  • Distribute to company-owned devices only

A reliable and secured Enterprise App Store

Entrust your applications to our reliable, stable and secure platform

Time of platform availability
Average adoption rate of the app store
Applications downloaded by users
20 min
average support time