How to move from a manual process to an industrial one through the simultaneous use of Bitrise & Appaloosa

Thanks to Bitrise and Appaloosa, we are helping our client to move from a craft process to an industrial one.
Guillaume Lagorce
iOS senior consultant at OCTO Technology







Bitrise is a Mobile Continuous Integration and Delivery tool for your whole team, with dozens of integrations for your favorite services. 

The context : 

In this use case, the client was an insurance company watching out for over 300 million people. With 8,200 staff, 44 companies and branches in 33 countries and 425,000 service providers on hand in the field, it ensures an international on-the-spot system to help clients anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Challenges and goal :

This insurance company developed an app to be used by clients and partners in case of an incident (eg breakdown) on the road. The purpose of this app is to save valuable time when analyzing information and help ensure a fast yet high-quality service. For example, in case of an accident, assistance can be requested directly from the app.

Since the company has several affiliates across Europe, the application needed to be adapted for each country or partner. The client had already built 3 applications with great results regarding user engagement. The time had come for a more automated process.

Thus, OCTO Technology, their consultancy firm, brought a development team to build the applications and a DevOps team to set up an industrial process for their app factory through the use of Bitrise and Appaloosa.

bitrise case study

Why Bitrise & Appaloosa ? 

Appaloosa is a well known and natural solution at OCTO Technology when delivering a beta version of a mobile application.

Until recently consultants were building their own continuous integration process with Jenkins and hand made solutions. This was very painful and costly as they had to manage tools update on a regular basis.

Bitrise comes with very easy to setup workflows, letting them focus on feature delivery rather than continuous integration maintenance.

The results and benefits 

Without Bitrise, the consulting team would need to internally build a server for example. This would be a really heavy scenario to manage, in particular after updates are made. Thanks to Bitrise, they don’t have to do this anymore. Consultants just ship their code and Bitrise manages the rest.

Once the app is ready to be deployed, they just have to choose the step « Publish to Appaloosa » and their latest build is published on their private app store on Appaloosa.
With Appaloosa, they can easily deploy and manage the right access: from the dev team to the client to the end user before the release on public stores.

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