Beta test your applications at different scales

Before publishing your mobile application on the public stores, you want to test it with a restricted panel of people.

Application beta testing is an essential step before publication, whether on a public app store or internally for all my employees.

It enables the need of my users to be validated and checks that the application works.

Appaloosa Beta Test use case

Application beta testing challenges




  • Test an application on a panel of varied devices
  • Run tests in conditions close to your target
  • Keep restrictions on access to the applications and control their deployment 
  • Iterate quickly by giving instant access to the latest version
  • Act quickly on a crash reports
  • Retrieve user feedback
  • Deploy specific versions to different user groups
  • Organise A/B testing
  • Include external stakeholders in the beta testing process

Appaloosa and application beta testing



With Appaloosa, you set up a private app store. This app store allows you to test and validate your applications with a restricted and targeted audience.

This solution is easy to use, whether for testers from the app store or for administrators from the back office. Deployment management is just a few clicks away, even for users with limited technical skills, or external players. Appaloosa's speed of implementation makes iterating quick and efficient.

Our key features for the beta test

Instant publication in the app store

The latest updates are available instantly, users are notified by push messages, and they will always test the latest version.

User comments

Your users can rate the app and leave comments directly on the app's details page

User groups

Availability can be targeted by creating customisable user groups

An app store accessible by invitation

You have the possibility to invite players external to your organisation to your store.

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