Enterprise App Store management in a single interface

From a single interface, you manage all your applications, your users and your native App Stores. You receive detailed statistics about your activities. You benefit from a management tool with an enjoyable user experience.

App management

Managing all your applications from the same interface

Total remote control of your applications without taking control of the device

Total remote control of your applications without taking control of the device:

  • Wipe corporate applications remotely
  • Automatic install of mandatory applications
  • Automatic download of updates
  • All of this, for all your applications: web link, progressive web app, hybrid application (Xamarin, Cordova, Ionic, etc.), native iOS and Android application, public application

A platform that integrates with any development factory

  • Appaloosa connects to your mobile development factory to ensure continuous integration of your applications through our various extensions: Gradle, Jenkins, Bitrise, Fastlane, Java and Ruby clients
  • You receive notifications from your app store directly on Slack

Managing different versions of your applications

  • Multi-version delivery and acceptance testing: possibility to switch from one version to another with one click so as to streamline the delivery and acceptance testing of your applications
  • History and storage of previous versions: you keep a history of all previous versions of your applications
  • You can download any previous version at any time

A new ally in the management of your applications

  • Schedule your application deployments
  • Be notified of your iOS certificates expiration

Managing your users & groups

Notifications push

Send customised push notifications to your users

Automatic re-invitation of inactive users

Remind non-connected users to get on board with a customised e-mail

Users groups

Create and manage user groups for targeted deployments

Simplified support

Equip your support with a view of user-installed applications and versions

Control your apps

Revoke access to your app store on lost are stolen devices

App Store management and automation


You have the possibility to generate one or more native stores according to your usage

Customizable App store

Your app store can be customised with your company's colours and logo. A dedicated domain name can be setup. Your users feel at home and adoption is made easier.

Tasks automation

Automate most of your management actions in your stores via our REST API: application upload, modification of access to applications, addition of users, management of user groups, etc.

A dashboard with all your statistics


Statistics on your pool of devices: number of devices recorded, proportion between different OS and between different versions of OS, proportion between smartphones and tablets and which model in particular, last connection, etc.


Statistics of your users' connections on your app store


Downloading statistics of your applications: rate of installation of an application in its distribution group, statistics on previous versions of an app


Export of these statistics in CSV.